Thursday, 3 July 2014

An Evening of Tech Beers at Silicon Canal


I attended my first meeting of Silicon Canal Tech Beers last night and thought it would be worth writing a post to capture my thoughts of the evening and what I learnt.

Firstly its impossible to remember everybody's name, but thankfully helps with that.

Google Glass is really cool, but you look like Robocop wearing it. Thanks to the guys from Love the Look to bringing it along for everyone to play with.

After some discussion of the best restaurants in Birmingham, Adams scores highly, we quickly moved to a more favourable topic, beers and economics, Pure Bar, Brewdog and the Wellington seemed popular!
On Economics:
I  learnt that vodka does taste different at different price points, watching the blind A/B test conducted by Stuart and Giles was entertaining. Next time I shall not put it on my tab( learning point)

On Behavioural Economics:
Being told something is more expensive makes it more enjoyable. 

At least 4 of the group wear pebble, and are into some form of fitness logging.

There are some awesome tech start-ups in Birmingham, and we need to shout about them more. 

Birmingham needs a decent profile blog page of how founders have done recruitment to share best practice, think I would be keen to do something around this.

All founders struggle with recruitment, some of the usual stuff around lack of talent but mainly around being able to commit the right amount of time to doing it properly.

A few companies are doing similar things and could share best practice around things like sales and hiring especially around using newer tools.

There is a scarcity of talent on Birmingham, and we lose it to London too much.

The Drop forge is a nice pub and serves great coffee.

Tech people are friendly even the ones that give Klingon welcome waves. 

All in a very pleasant night with some great, interesting people, looking forward to the next one.

I attended in my role as inhouse recruiter for a Birmingham tech Startup through my new company which can be found at